Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Product Management Company | Innovify

Innovify as Product Management Company is working to fulfill the customer centric and market centric product needs for the lean startup.
Product Management Company
Following are some methodologies we incorporate for product management:
  • We have business oriented strategies concentrating over delivering solutions to market needs.
  • We gather profitable opportunities according to commercial needs.
  • We deploy product into commercial market.
  • We analyze competing products and differentiate them.
  • We make customer centric products to fly high towards the big win.
  • We communicate with customers and users of your products.
  • We make your product first available under usability testing.
  • We survey people regarding your type of product and their wants.
  • We keep track of complaints and compliments and modify accordingly.
  • We manage your branding and provide naming and renaming if required.
  • We make your product to convert and make you profit.

We make you think big, make you start from the small, make you grow fast, make you achieve great and successful start.

We work as product management company to manage your amazing startup idea.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Phases of Lean Startup Life Cycle

Your business is evolving. With the progression of time, your organization will experience different phases of the business life cycle. Realize what approaching centers, difficulties and financing sources you will need to succeed.

Seeding -
The seed phase of your business life cycle is the point at which your business is simply a thought or a thought. This is the very origination or conception of another business.
  1. Challenge: Most seed stage organizations will need to conquer the test of business sector acknowledgement and seek after one specialty opportunity. Don't spread cash and time assets excessively thin.
  2. Focus: At this phase of the business the center is on matching the business opportunity with your aptitudes, experience and interests. Other central focuses include: settling on a business proprietorship structure, discovering proficient consultants, and business arranging.
  3. Cash Sources: Early in the business life cycle with no demonstrated business or clients the business will depend on money from holders, loved ones. Other potential sources incorporate suppliers, clients, government concedes and banks.
Innovify helps you for:
  1. Statistical surveying to keep in pace with the business sector request
  2. Strategy for success plan
  3. Help the junior organization in its arrangements with the banks or other fiscal sources.
Start-Up -
Your business is conceived and now exists legitimately. Items or administrations are in generation and you have your first clients.
  1. Challenge: If your business is in the start-up life cycle stage, it is likely you have overestimated cash needs and the time to market. The principle test is not to blaze through what little money you have. You have to realize what beneficial needs your customers have and do a rude awakening to check whether your business is on the whole correct.
  2. Focus: Start-ups oblige building a client base and business vicinity alongside following and preserving money stream.
  3. Cash Sources: Owner, companions, family, suppliers, clients, allows, and banks.
Innovify helps you for:
  1. Complete Business & Marketing Plan
  2. Help in transactions for capital build
Development -
Your business has endured the little child years and is presently a kid. Incomes and clients are expanding with a lot of people new open doors and issues. Benefits are solid, however rivalry is surfacing.
  1. Challenge: The greatest test development organizations face is managing the consistent scope of issues offering for more of an opportunity and cash. Successful administration is obliged and a conceivable new marketable strategy. Figure out how to prepare and representative to overcome this phase of advancement.
  2. Focus: Growth life cycle organizations are centered on running the business in a more formal style to manage the expanded deals and clients. Better bookkeeping and administration frameworks will must be set-up. New representatives will must be contracted to manage the deluge of business.
  3. Cash Sources: Banks, benefits, associations, concedes and renting choices.
Innovify helps you for:
Outside support with demonstrated return of joint activity will help your R.O.I

Innovify is helping lean startup to realize their amazing idea.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Innovify helps you ideate, incubate and accelerate your Startup.

Innovify is an emerging company working for startups. They are helping startups make their way in this commercial world. They lead startups to achieve their idealistic success.
Innovify will make you lead to success, make you cope up with all the problems.

Following are some basic thing Innovify do for you, to make you lead:
  1. Innovify help you develop a solid business plan.
  2. Innovify help you manage product life cycles.
  3. Innovify connect you with the right people.
  4. Innovify provide a scalableelastic infrastructure.
  5. Innovify will sprint through your requirement backlog.
  6. Innovify will make your company appealing to investors.
So, let Innovify, a product management company make your lean startup idea boost and shape towards success.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Hesitant to Start up?

Starting any business is not that easy if you don’t know the parts and parcel of business and the related market. Starting your first could not lead you to success always. Starting any lean startup needs strategies and well planning, risk management and the coping methodologies for your problems.
Sometimes entrepreneurs are so passionate about their ideas, they forget the basics.


Following are some mistakes you do or your good startup idea goes bad:
  1. You don’t have a concrete business plan.
  2. You don’t have the right guidance.
  3. You can’t iterate.
  4. You can’t scale fast enough.
  5. You can’t get the right talent.
  6. You burn through funding.
These are some basic problems you can face and you can see but apart from these problematic points there could be lots of more technical, environmental and physical problem you never thought of. So these are and other problems are not ignorable, small problems could lead you to a big trouble.

Therefore make your lean startup trouble free, make Lean Startup problem free. Move forward with proper planning; keep all the variables in the control. Let company like Innovify help you with all these kind of problems.