Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Why Lean Startup is Feasible ?

A typical business involves certain steps. Adhering to such steps, businesses ascend the summit of success, leading to strategic growth.In plain terms, business means generating profit, enabling the organization to scaleup, materialize business goals. 

Generally Business means: An economic system wherein goods and services are exchanged for money.Depending on business structure,
businesses plan out their business strategy.Every business requires some typical structure, wherein product or service or both are planned, delivered intended for customers, resulting in profit.
Typical business plan

Talking about a general business plan, it comprises of following points:                     
  • Plan of business.
  • Investment required. 
  • Location. 
  • Registration, legal validation. 
  • Startup Business Environment.
Do you think, you can accomplish your strategic goals, adhering to these simple milestones??? Well, had this been the case, every business would have been successful. In the case of fate of new companies businesses and their startups situation is really horrible.

What research on the startup says

A comprehensive research carried out by a globally acclaimed business school on the fate, operation, and management of the new companies reveals unbelievable data. About 70% of the new businesses fail to perform in the crowded market, enabling them to shut their shops. Nobody would like to be in that absurd scenario.

How to overcome the challenging market scenario 
Developed post a comprehensive research, the wonderful phenomenon is transforming the fate of hundreds of new companies, their owners, enabling them to keep floating in the stiff market competition, overcoming hurdles.This phenomenon renders emphasis on implementing measured, experimented steps,resulting in the shortening of the product development cycle. 

The three integral steps  
  • Deploy resources smartly. 
  • Draw customer feedback at the earliest. 
  • Bring in change in the product / service at the earliest to keep pace with the changing market     dynamics.
I am quite sure, you are now convinced, this phenomenon is far better, way ahead than the typical business plan. Here we are implementing tried and tested methods, keeping checks, and balances on the business. That’s the key to success! As and when, you will notice any flaw in the process, you have ample time to react, scuttle the bottleneck, saving your business from collapsing.

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