Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Thinking of Starting a New Company, Leverage Lean Startup

Are you thinking of starting a new company from a scratch? Are a budding businessman? Are you a man behind a startup? Are any of your friends struggling to run a startup company? Is your new company struggling to see the light of the day? Are you struggling to execute a comprehensive plan for your dream business?
Well, if your answer to the above questions is yes, then here is wonderful news for you--the emergence of a new age business philosophy - the lean startup!!!
What’s that new phenomenon?
Before moving forward, let’s try to enlighten ourselves with this new development, what it’s all about, how it is enabling new companies, ideas, enterprises, businesses scale up. In fact, it’s a revolution, changing the way products and services are developed, and rolled-out in this crowded corporate world.
Lean Startup

It’s just an incredible development with focus on promoting new companies, businesses, struggling to create a brand, find a platform, helping them to take a giant leap towards business goals.
 As a writer doing research on the new companies, their problems, strategies, challenges, I’m of the opinion – this plan does work, and works splendidly, resulting in the growth of the organization. That’s what matters in the crowded corporate world.
The new phenomenon works on a specific strategy tailor-made for upcoming companies, innovative products, services.
Principles of this amazing business strategy:
  • Commission a viable product (MVP) with customer centric features.
  • MVP lets you to experiment, test the market.   
  • Banks on the continuous delivery model to rollout new features.
  • Banks on the viability test for different versions for different user segments.     
  • Metrics based actions-don’t execute plan without fully understanding the market dynamics
What does it mean?
Focused analysis of the above significant pointers clearly shows, how important the new phenomenon is. It’s a strategy that renders emphasis on executing business plan, reflecting accountability, proper monitoring. That’s the reason, new, and emerging businesses leverage it to the optimum. And why not?

Bank on Innovify’s capability
Innovify is a professionally managed company with expertise in successfully implementing the lean startup methodology. We are passionate about what we do-help startups in realizing their business goals!!! That’s why we are one of the trusted names in this genre.

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