Monday, 20 October 2014

Uniqueness of Lean Startup

While starting your own startup, your first and foremost responsibility is to make it viable, overcoming a wide spectrum market’s survival challenges. Challenges could vary from startup to startup. However, more or less, almost all the startups encounter identical kind of challenges.

As a businessman your dream is to keep your pet startup floated come what may. Though you know it’s not that simple. At every step, you have to face one problem or the other to keep your pet venture floating. At the same time, you want to ensure smooth running of your pet startup, overcoming all the hurdles.

As a research scholar who is regularly delving into the mechanism of startups, writing on startup wasn’t a challenge. However, I don’t want to receive any backlash, writing an immature recommendation.  I am quite confident, readers will benefit from my advice.                
Challenges being faced by startups
  • Competition.
  • Lack of capital.
  • Lack of sponsors.
  • No history to back.
  • Planning constraint.
  • Lack of knowledge about the market.
Now the question arises-how startups can overcome these challenges.

Unique lean startup to push your startup towards sustainability

There are many theories and concepts, defining the mantra of success for startups. Lean startup is one of the most feasible, reliable and affordable mechanism, enabling startups in scaling up. Let’s make efforts to comprehend what in fact that mechanism is which is taking everybody by a storm.
Experts have defined the new age phenomenon as a mechanism to develop business focusing on the principles of lean production. It’s a mechanism that highlights on the ability to adapt, change quickly.

Lean startup is an approach to business development that is based on the principles of lean production, a manufacturing methodology that values a business' ability to change quickly. That’s what matters in business. If your startup is facing issues in introducing a customer grabbing product or service, it’s high time for you to redefine it, remodel it, and reintroduce it. That’s what the new age phenomenon talks about. Interesting thing about this phenomenon is it works on three core principles-Build, Measure, and Learn.

We bring in substantial experience in lean startup implementation

At Innovify we bring in substantial experience on the table in the successfully implementation of the lean startup methodology. Backed by the expertise of our team members, we are enabling startups in running them profitably.

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