Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lean Startup: Strike a Balance

Success doesn’t’ embrace easily!!! Startups have to toil hard, sweat hard, sacrifice hard to create a brand, beat the tough market competition. That’s true!!!

The emergence of lean startup methodology too is playing a critical role in defining the future, growth of startups. It’s pivotal for startups to strike a balance between the lean startup methodology and vision. Why??? Reason being, your visionary planning will act as a cushion to fuel your growth, leveraging the lean startup methodology.

Just because you are implementing or have implemented lean startup process doesn’t mean you should have a laid back attitude. There are many effective ways through which we can strike a balance between a lean startup methodology and a vision document of a startup company.
Research proves a point

Research proves-entrepreneurs who implement a vision document grow 30 percent faster in comparison to those entrepreneurs who don’t execute a vision document. This proves a point!!! Strategies which are not working in favor of your organization should be scrapped the moment they are identified, diagnosed.
No strategy is “tailor-made” or can’t be tweaked here and there to suit your requirement!!!

“Checks and balances”

“Checks and balances” is a very important strategy as a startup you can implement. Lean Startup methodology has been effective, fueling growth of many startups from across the globe. As the process is agile, you can plug the challenges as and when they are noticed.

Blending your vision document with lean startup, you are in fact formulating your own business strategy. That has the agility to counter market challenges.

Let’s understand this safe phenomenon with a more rational instance. When we are heading towards a shopping mall for a weekend shopping, our two wheeler might develop a technical snag in its engine. What should we do now??? Should we abandon the two wheeler there??? Should we keep on driving a mechanically defected scooter??? Or should we plug the deficiency before they change from worse to worst. The ideal scenario is- we should plug the deficiency before they change from worse to worst.

At Innovify, we are professionally qualified to enable startup execute lean startup methodology successfully.  A dedicated team with expertise in executing lean startup mechanism is helping emerging startups realize their strategic goals.

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