Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Incredibility of Lean Startup for Entrepreneurs

As a founder of a startup, your highest priority is to make it successful, establish as a brand. That’s the dream every budding entrepreneur visualizes. However, it’s not that simple.

Unless you adhere with a flawless methodology, you can’t take your business to the next level as there are issues, challenges galore involved, including market demand, cost of running a company, and investment among others?

Traditional Methods are No More Effective

A famous quote, “Get along with the life as it goes,” is very much applicable for new businesses as well mold your system in accordance with the changing market dynamics, otherwise possibility is-your dream company might succumb to the crowded market competition. Reason being traditional methods are no more that effective. They can’t stand market pressure. Decades old traditional methods are no more viable. Barring certain exceptions they can’t stand the tough market competition.
Lean Startup

There is hardly any concept called build, learn and measure in a traditional business method. Merely accumulating resources, capital will not help. That’s true.

Another loophole in the traditional method of running a business is-obsolete “checks and balances” rules in place that hardly hold any ground in the current business landscape.

What is that Scientific Method?

Scientific methods evolved over a period of time are finding many takers. Reasons are obvious. Designed focusing on the challenges of startups, scientific methods are delivering great results. That’s what you as an entrepreneur wanted.

The emergence of lean startup methodology has been fueling the growth of many startups. The key to operating under trying market condition is to come up with a roadmap, overcoming a wide spectrum of business challenges.

Exciting thing about the new age system is-it focuses on MVP (Minimum-Viable-Product).  Right!!! Rather than focusing on rolling out bunch of products and services, it talks about introducing a product or service that can endure market pressure, helping the company ascending its strategic goals. While in traditional methods, enterprises lack such foresightedness and strategy. That’s why this methodology is termed as scientific method of running a company.

Considering its benefits, feasibility, startups cutting across domains and geographies are leveraging lean startup methodology.

At Innovify, we are technically qualified to push your favorite enterprise towards sustainability. A team of professionally qualified professionals with rich experience in lean startup management, research, sales and marketing, and launching among others work in unison, enabling new businesses in realizing their true business potential.

In its scintillating professional stint, the team has successfully helped many startups in accomplishing their short as well as long term goals.

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