Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Significance of Startup Accelerators in Transforming the Future of Startups

I may not be an expert in astrology; however, I’m quite confident about my research acumen, focusing on the significance of startup accelerator in transforming the future of new companies, struggling to realize their strategic goals.

Let me draw your attention on a finding of a global business school before delving more into the modern phenomenon, which is taking the industry by storm. A comprehensive research conducted by a globally acclaimed business school Harvard Business School throws light on the challenges of new companies, concept, and idea. According to that research -- merely 25% of the startups survive the challenging market pressure. While the chunk – 75% are forced to shut down their shutters.

Moving Ahead

That statistics literally can shiver any entrepreneur, struggling to establish his/ her brand. So, what’s the solution? Startup accelerator are a huge sigh of relief for new companies, entrepreneurs encountering issues galore in overcoming market challenges.

It is the process, helping Startup Company’s take-off, providing support through infrastructure, cutting edge technology, sales and marketing, seed capital, and mentorship among others. Success rate is amazing!!! That’s the reason, many startups irrespective of their genre bank on the new phenomenon.

Why Don’t You Leverage On the Expertise of Innovify?

I can bet on their credibility!!! It’s a company, which brings splendid experience in shaping up the future of many new companies on the drawing table. Potential ideas, concepts go through an exhaustive process, before they are identified for a much needed push.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Team with expertise in the domain onboard
  • Mentors and investors
  • Facility of seed capital
In return of seed capital, a nominal equity, ranging from 5 to 8% is charged from the client. Innovify doesn’t entertain all the applications. A team of experts researches on an idea, concept on a wide spectrum of market challenges, including viability, customer interest, future, costing, and long term prospect among others before pushing it to the next level and declaring it as a potential idea.

There are many success stories!!! The success of Landbay and Kwanji corroborate their expertise. Banking on their expertise in the genre, Innovify enabled them in scaling up. They are now no more a startup.

Don’t let market challenges crush your dream of establishing a dream company from a scratch. If you have a wonderful idea that has the potential to become a brand, reach them through: Innovify

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