Saturday, 27 September 2014

How Lean Startup Is Shaping Startups

As somebody who thoroughly believes in the theory- keep pace with the time otherwise repent later, recommending lean startup to startups was an obvious choice.  However, I want to make it clear, it’s definitely not out of compulsion.


In fact, as a writer who delves into the success stories of startups, research on the success of lean startup methodology was an obvious choice. Do you know why??? While doping research on the success stories of startups, I came across many stumbling blocks, posing threat to the very existence of startups, including:
  • Resources.
  • Capital.
  • Customer base.
  • Contingency plan.

The aforementioned challenges are very much genuine, if not surmounted could lead to disaster. As a promising businessman you can’t afford that. Right!!! That’s why startups have always been on the lookout for a viable system, enabling them to surmount challenges being faced by them.

Lean Startup

For startups struggling to survive in the crowded market, emergence of lean startup was a big sigh of relief.  It was like a ray of hope behind the dark cloud!!! In general almost all the startups face similar kind of challenges. Lean Startup Methodology comprises a set of principles developed after a comprehensive research on the performance, operation, management of startups cutting across background, including manufacturing, supply, services, trading, and  retail among others.

Do you know why the Lean Startup Methodology is successful?

Developed after a comprehensive research, the lean startup methodology renders focus on validated learning, drawing lessons from experimentation, frequent launch of services and products among others. That’s why it’s a successful strategy.

Bank on the expertise of Innovify

Enabling startups in executing the lean startup methodology is not just a profession at Innovify. For us it’s a passion!! Driven by the spirit of our brilliant team onboard, we are enabling startups in the successful rollout of the lean startup methodology.

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