Thursday, 25 September 2014

Leveraging The Lean Startup Principles

The lean startup movement has taken the startups by storm, enabling them is scaling up. That’s true!!! In fact, every startup, be it a manufacturing company or a service provider desires to swiftly move beyond the break even point. Unless you overpower break even point, you can’t visualize success. Nobody wants that to happen.

The Lean Startup Principles -

The emergence of lean startup is a huge blessing in disguise for the startups, enabling them in accomplishing their entrepreneurial objectives. Is lean startup system really paying dividend or just a creation of a rumor mill???

Lean startup lays emphasis on couple of interesting things. Focus on this tiny but significant statement, capturing the essence of lean startup-
“Be innovative. Don’t waste your and people’s time. Focus on results and be more successful”.
Lean Startup

Well one thing is for sure-lean startup methodology hasn't emerged overnight-its elements, theories, process are a result of deep research and development. Subsequently that helped in the evolution of principles of lean startup.

Broadly the lean startup methodology is divided into three key principles:
  • Deploy resources stringently.
  • Get customer feedback at the earliest.
  • Keep modifying your product or service as quickly.

Why the phenomenon is successful?

The lean startup methodology is swiftly impacting new as well as established organizations, enabling them reap fruit of their hard-work in stiff market competition.

Combining the expertise of our lean startup professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are delivering lean startup solutions, enabling startups in scaling their business goals.

A team of dedicated lean startup executives work in unison to deliver solutions to enterprises irrespective of their domain, matching global standards. That’s why within a short span of time, Innovify has created a niche in the business world!!!

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