Monday, 8 September 2014

Lean Startup Focused Solutions | Innovify

Understanding the lean startup 

Before delving deep into the lean startup methodology, let me first define the meaning of lean startup for you. It’s a methodology, system that gives emphasis on a wide range of steps, measures, resulting in shortening the product development cycle

The corporate centric lean startup mechanism focuses on an amalgamation of business-hypothesis driven experimentation, evolved through research and development on startups, their business challenges, funding mechanism, and market among others. 
Lean Startup

Does lean startup help? 

Enterprises cutting across domains are leveraging this methodology to scaleup their business objectives. It works, enabling startups to gradually establish themselves as a brand!!! 

Bank on Innovify’s lean startup mechanism to establish your brand 

At Innovify, we are distinctly qualified to enable your pet startup company execute lean startup successfully. A dedicated team with expertise in executing lean startup mechanism is helping emerging startups realize their short term as well as long term goal. Here are some of our USPs:
  • Expert lean startup team onboard. 
  • Scalable methodology. 
  • Brings in value factor in the system. 
  • Market focused products and services delivery model intended for early customers. 
  • Good return on investment.
  • Helping in establishing brand. 
  • “Checks and Balances” system in place to identify bottlenecks, challenges. 
  • Quality control department in place to ensure global quality. 
Market research on this critical subject corroborates the fact that lean startup mechanism does help startups. No doubt about that!!! Enterprises these days are cautious while rolling out any product or service. Reasons are obvious!!! In this era of stiff market competition, no business man would like to take risk which may raise questions on the very sustainability of the enterprise. That’s why enterprises are showing inclination towards lean startup

We are professionally qualified to enable enterprises in increasing their capability in less time without compromising on quality!!! That’s we are one of leaders in Lean Startup implementation!!! 

“When wind blows against me, I know I can’t change the direction, but I know how to amend my sail to successfully reach my destination.” 

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