Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why should startups leverage the lean startup methodology???

A simple adage succinctly says it all - “Go with the wind. Otherwise get ready for the repercussions”!!! That’s absolutely true in many scenarios. Fully applies on enterprises too.

The emergence of lean startup methodology has been a game changer for many startups, giving a new lease of life to their business objectives. Changing market dynamics require tailor-made methodology to push your brand to the next level and surmount a wide array of challenges, including brand positioning, pre and post sale challenges, future.

Understanding the significance of lean startup in building a startup brand

A comprehensive research was carried out on different business processes integral to the smooth operation of startupenterprises, including sales and marketing, customer care, finance, HR, and IT among others before formulating a dedicated lean startup methodology. Why? It was necessitated as startup’s challenges; goals are different from established brands.

The startup focused lean startup methodology is tailor-made for startups. Let’s focus on some of its significance:
  • Addresses challenges, including existing and impending.
  • Scalable methodology.
  • Brings in value factor in the system.
  • Market focused products and services delivery model intended for early customers.
  • Good return on low investment.
  • Facilitates in establishing a brand.
 “Checks and Balances” system is also an integral part of the lean startup methodology intended to identify bottlenecks, challenges.

The strategic hypothesis recommends that startups stay lean to remain in competition. Lean here refers to strong enterprise qualities-remain agile, draw lessons from mistakes, bring change immediately and stay fit for market competition.

Research on lean startup methodology indicates that for a startup, there are only two priorities-establish as a brand and enough money in the account to run the business successfully.

At Innovify, we are distinctly qualified to enable your dream startup company execute lean startup successfully.  A dedicated team with expertise in executing lean startup mechanism is helping emerging startups realize their strategic goals.

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