Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lean Startup Enables Steady And Consistent Growth

That’s really a genuine question-do lean startup principles enable startup companies in establishing their brand??? Do lean startup principles enable companies in realizing their business goals?
Lean Startup

Are lean startup principles practically relevant???
Lean startup methodology is swiftly assuming significance in the corporate world especially for the future of startups. Market is abuzz with the term, leading to various speculations.
Whether the phenomenon works or not?
Industry experts are divided-some are in support, while some are against the new age development.
Let’s understand it
Deep dive into the lean startup model clearly suggests-whenever a new business is launched, it adheres to certain proven principles, system. These include validated learning; learn through experimentation, and frequent launch of services and products to name a few.
Why so? As startup face challenges galore in managing full-fledged operation, they follow certain austerity measures to cut down on operational cost.
Key Principles
The lean startup system focuses on the following principles:
  • Develop a featured rich viable product (MVP).
  • MVP lets you to experiment, test the market.
  • Banks on the continuous delivery model to rollout new features.
  • Banks on the viability test for different versions for different user segments.
  • Metrics based actions-don’t execute without measurement.
The aforementioned simple but pragmatic lean startup principles are enabling many startups in scaling greater success. That’s what every startup visualizes!!!
Keeping in view, lean startup’s viability, advantages, startups from different domains are taking it seriously. And why not!!! Though it’s not a very old phenomenon, more and more startups are trying to draw mileage out of it.
Innovify is a professionally managed company with expertise in successfully implementing the lean startup methodology. We are passionate about what we do-help startups in realizing their business goals!!! That’s why we are one of the trusted names in the lean startup methodology.

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