Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lean Startup Is Very Crucial For Any Startup

Startup In Lean Way Keeps Your Hurdles Away

The heading of this article clearly reflects the market sentiments. Yes, indeed the new age businesses methodology is guiding startups towards success.

Changing market dynamics are throwing new challenges every now and then for startups, be it producing products in line with the demands of the market or investing in technology to manage business operation flawlessly. The odds are not with the startups. That’s sure. Now, what’s the solution?
Lean Startup
What Researches Says ?

The most pivotal question is-how startups can overcome market challenges without diluting their business interests? A research conducted by Shikhar Ghosh of Harvard Business School on the functioning of startups clearly shows-majority of startups face survival crisis.

As per research about 75% of the startups fail the litmus test to overcome market challenges. Eventually driving them to shut their shop! That’s the bitter truth of market; you can neither run away from it nor take it lightly.

The Way-Out

If there is a problem, there is a solution too!!! The emergence of lean startup methodology has been a blessing in disguise for many startups. Establishing a startup is no more that risky.

What In Fact Lean Startup Is ?

The lean startup methodology has been designed keeping in account the challenges being faced by startups, including establish as a brand, capital, break even point, and customer satisfaction among others.

The business focused system gives stress on shortening the product development cycle. That’s really very significant in defining the sustenance of startups. It comprises a set of business hypothesis driven experimentation developed through comprehensive research on the functioning, challenges of the startups. Considering the lean startup’s viability, more and more startup companies are aligning their operation with the system.

Innovify, a distinctly qualified company specializing in startups’ operation is enabling startup companies in successfully executing lean startup mechanism.

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